Black and White Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Black and White Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Classic never goes out of fashion, and what’s classier than black and white. Black and white are also the two most essential colors for any wardrobe. Every closet needs these two colors to make it work. When summer approaches and the weather get hot, you need clothes that are both in fashion and light. Summer dresses and holiday clothing the work best in hot weather. Summer is also the time to flaunt your best cocktail dress. Here are some great pair-ups for these basic outfits that you can impress your friends and family with.

Cocktail Dresses

Every formal party or office event demands a cocktail dress. Now if you want to play safe, you can either go for black or white. They are the easiest to pair with. Gold works with both white and black, a wide belt and embellished gold clutch would go great.  Since it’s the dress code at every party, it’s important that you know how to vary the same one again and again. Timeless colors like white and black are an absolute classic; you can never go wrong with a black cocktail dress. You other than color, you should always keep a close eye on the length, it should always end near your knee. Make sure it’s not too revealing. Embellishments like stonework and sequencing

Summer dresses

Summer dresses are the best day wears; they keep the body cool and the wearer in fashion. With a white summer dress, you can ditch your denim and flaunt your long slender legs in your summer dress. Rope detailed sandals, as well as a wide brim straw hat, would look great with a white summer dress. Moreover, with a white dress, you get a variety of contrasts. Floral and botanical prints are the most common prints to go with white. If you aren’t a floral fan, then go for polka dots over white. They are in fashion as well. The best thing about wearing a summer dress is that they are effortless; you don’t need much to make them work.

Holiday clothing

They don’t always have to cut and dry; you can do a lot to your holiday clothing to make it interesting. Go for a long back maxi dress and pair it with a black frilled blouse. Add a little bling to your outfit, and you have a winner. Another great pair would be white flare pants paired with any light-colored blouse with huge bell bottom sleeves. A short white dress with knee-length snakeskin heels and an embellished black jacket is another great pair-up. Who said holiday clothing must be boring?

To cap it all, the best part of summer is dressing down, getting rid of all the layers and showing off the best-tanned body in the town. With dresses and light-wear you can stay cool and flaunt your epic fashion sense. Give your denim a bit of rest and get your black and white attire out. It’s all about monochrome fashion this year.